Ethernet Printers - Getting Started

Plug in your printer, switch on and connect an ethernet cable from the printer to your router. 

Make sure the iPad is connected to the same router as the printer.
Go to the settings page within the Shopwave app.
Select Printing on the left. If auto setup is requested select yes. The app will search for printers on your network and assign all printing tasks to the first one it finds. If successful each task will have the IP address of the printer written next to it. If not prompted to auto setup, you can set up each task individually.
Select the task 'Bill Printer'. It will now search for available printers. The available printer I.P addresses will be displayed and you can select one and then press the "<Printing" button at the top. Repeat this for each printing task to set the correct printer for each task. If you are not sure which I.P belongs to which printer, press 'Test' to print a small test docket and observe which printer prints it.
If the printer is not automatically found, tap 'other' then type "TCP:" followed by the I.P address from the printed report. So you now have something similar to TCP:
Press Done. Press the "<Printing" button at the top. You have now set that printer for that task. Repeat this process for each printing task.

Now close the settings page (top left) and then press the green tick at the top right to get back to your menu. 
You can add a product to the basket. Tap the icon with three lines at the top right, then tap 'Print Bill' to test your printer.
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