Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner

Socket Mobile barcode scanners are easy to setup with your Shopwave POS with the following guide:

1. Reset the scanner first to make sure that it disconnects with all other iPads. To do this, first turn on the scanner, press and hold the trigger and power buttons until you hear 3 beeps.

2. Press and hold the power button to turn the device back on.

3. Scan the appropriate code to enter pairing mode.

To use with Shopwave POS then the device needs to be in "iOS" mode, so scan this barcode...

4. Go to you iPad settings and click bluetooth. Click the Socket CHS device in the right menu.

5. Restart the Shopwave POS app and the device should beep and be connected once you are logged in.

6. Scan a barcode for one of your products and it will be added to the basket.


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Scanning In Safari

To use with Shopwave Admin in the safari browser then the device needs to be in "HID" mode, so follow the steps above and scan the following barcode in step 3 instead...


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