Verifone VX 680 with Ocius

Follow these steps to configure your Verifone VX 680 with the Shopwave POS iPad App:


  1. Power on the devices and login using your PIN provided to you by Verifone. 
  2. Click Menu, then System, then System Info, which should print out a info slip. If there is no IP address listed (and no SSID listed), then follow the connecting to wifi guide below.
  3. Go to Shopwave POS iPad App, go to Settings, click Payments, and select Ocius.
  4. In the Terminal IP Address field, type the IP Address found on the print out obtained in Step 2.


You are now ready to take a card payment using the standard Shopwave POS transaction screen.


Connecting to Wifi


  1. Shut down your device by pressing and holding the cancel button.
  2. Turn on your device by pressing and holding the enter button.
  3. Click setup, enter your setup PIN (e.g. 2580).
  4. Click Network Settings.
  5. Click Wifi Settings (go to next page if necessary).
  6. Click SSID, enter the case sensitive name of your Wifi network.
  7. Click Encryption, choose the correct type and password for your Wifi Network.
  8. Press the cancel button a few times to return the to main screen (with setup and enter buttons).
  9. Click enter and login using your PIN provided to you by Verifone.  


You are now ready to use your device on the network.

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