Add New Employee

To add a new employee to your account follow these steps:

1. Login to the Admin Dashboard with your Shopwave credentials.

2. Click the "Employees" tab and choose "+ invite".

3. Add the details for the new employee (leaving exit date blank if wish for the account to remain active). Enter a valid email address which can be used to setup the account. Click save once complete.

4. The new employee will then get an invitation email and will need to follow the "Accepting An Invite" guide below to finish.

Accepting An Invite

If you are being invited to join a Shopwave merchant as an employee then follow these steps to accept and join:

1. You will be sent an email like the following and should click the link under "What's Next?".

2. Then you will be taken to a page to choose a secure password for your account.


3. You will be presented with a confirmation page. You are now able to use these credentials to login to any Shopwave service.

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