At the end of a day / sales period you might like to count the balance and compare with transactions on the POS to identify any discrepancies. To do this, follow these steps.

New Closeout

  1. Ensure that all baskets for the day are closed by clicking the basket name in the top right and ensuring that the list is empty of any uncompleted baskets you believe should be part of this closeout.

  2. Go into settings > click report > click "closeout" (top left).

  3. Enter the cash float at the top.

  4. For each coin / notes enter the total quantities. Do the same foe card / cheque / voucher where needed.

  5. Click done followed by continue as soon as you are done. A Z read will print with the details.


Existing Closeouts

  1. Go into settings > click report > click "closeouts" in the list.

  2. Click any closeout in the lest to view more detail.

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